Friday, March 20, 2009

Dinner for two

My story is not one that hasn't been told before. Sadly, it is so common we have had a very successful reality show for many season's on 'My Story.' It is something that wasn't always a part of me, but it has defined me now. It is who I am. It is what I am. It is time for me to say good-bye though.

I wasn't always fat and when I did get fat, I never intended on visiting there for very long. But time has a way of speeding by. My fats still here, but I am not. The carefree, self-confidant self has been eeked out by the shelf that could host a dinner for two on it. It has been smothered by a hanging gut that could provide shelter for my family if ever there was a need for it.

About 3 months ago I decided to start losing the parts that defined me, the parts of me that don't belong. It hasn't been easy. I have wondered if this really is who I am. . . for better or worse.


  1. I am so impressed by your blunt words. Taking a good hard look at who we have become is so hard. God has so much to offer us in this lifetime if we have the confidence to seek Him in all things. You INSPIRE me!!!!

  2. YEAH Mindy!! I am so excited to have a chance to follow you as you make HUGE steps to meeting your goals!!! I know you will do it and am hear to cheer you on!!!! :) Keep up the good work girl!!!!

  3. Oh my word, I love your writing! Keep blogging...I can't wait to read!