Friday, March 27, 2009

A Set Back, A Pound and A Positive Attitude

I feel like my posts have been a little negative and I don't like that. But it's real. I will start by addressing my title in order today. I have had a medical set back that has prevented me from going to my classes for the better part of this week. I'm really frustrated. I feel like a wuss. I'm not going to go into the details, but you wouldn't want them anyway. It's not pretty. But it has been taking it's toll on my energy, my back and my legs. I will be seeing the doctor on Monday to make some plans to fix my problem. Hopefully, it will be a quick procedure and recovery so I can get back to my goals. I have been doing some other things in my attempt to stay active this week. Capitalizing on my spurts of energy. Taking walks, going out with my kids, doing calf raises on my stairs, stomach muscle things and some band exercises. My favorite was the walking. Walking is such a great way to get some fresh air and clear your mind in addition to getting your heart pumping. I had two opportunities this week to do this. Once with my very pregnant sister and the other with my kids at the park. Both were fun and light. Although walking with Lindsay was with a purpose greater then hitting my weight loss goals. I was trying to induce labor. I was in full on get that baby out of there mode. Maybe I can talk her into trying again today?

The next thing to address is my pound. I lost one. It feels like a cheat of a pound because I'm sure it is a pound of muscle that it took me a week to gain! I'll need to have my blog savvy sister change my ticker for me.

Next up. . .positive attitude. While I am normally the nice funny one. This set back as turned me into sort of a grump. I'm snapping at my kids for little or no reason at all and let me just say my husband must really love me to put up with smart remarks and downer mood. My whole life I've been a clown. Enjoyed the center of attention. That is a trait that worked for me when I got older and was the heavier ( not fat though, as I totally thought I was) of my friends. It was my role. It was what they needed from me. It was who I was in my friends foursome. Then as I got older and really did get BIG my personality was my THING. I just figured if you're fat you can't afford to be mean or have zero sense of humor. What else would I have going for me? But now that I'm older I understand differently, of course. But there is something to be said for being able to make someone laugh and doing something nice for someone. And I still am funny. . . at least I think I am.

So I'll leave for today saying that after I get my health in order I will be tackling my weight with the determination of my sister pounding out those steps on our walk. Until next time be well, be thankful and be funny. . .especially if you're fat. . .JUST KIDDING


  1. I'm right there with ya sista! I've been having some girly issues that will be finally taken care of April 24th. And I'm determined that once this is gone i'll be back on track. I've got 20lbs to lose AGAIN! Stupid 20lbs. So get your health in check, its super important and don't let it discourage you. I know its easy to me i'm there.

  2. WTG! Every pound counts. Get feeling better. At least they found out your problem. I guess I just get to "deal" with mine. Ugh! Love ya there cousin.

  3. One day @ a time....some days 15 minutes @ a time. It's a mind game..I say I can walk for 5 min and then after 5 minutes I ask myself if I can walk just 5 more minuters and pretty soon the minutes add up. For me I have to break my day down into small units of time. If I try to future plan it seems overwhelming and then I get the why try attitude. And I complimnent myself all day long when I make good choices. I deserve to be good to myself and I am worth it. Right now my goal is to treat my body good by eating good foods.
    You will conquer your weight Mindy one pound at a time and for every pound you loose is a plus pound for your self-esteem. If you have an off moment and slip up..don't beat yourself up..just say next time I will make a better choice. You are a beautiful person and you truly deserve to be happy...and healthy. Hugs...Mom